What’s that? ANOTHER project?

“Upward” by Matthias Falk

My personal pastime is starting a new software project with no thought to how long it will take.  My Documents/devStuff folder is filled with tons of unfinished projects.  There have been a couple of times I’ve been able to stick with a project for a while (notably BoksOS and Pictoblox), none of these are nowhere near the finish line.  The only project I feel I’ve _finished_ is TweetCartRunner.  TweetCartRunner is by no means bug-free, but I am satisfied with the way it is now. 

So when I was getting the urge to start yet another software project, I felt something needed to change.  This time, the project needs to be small and have rules. If I break any of these rules, I’m done working on the project.  Better to be done and unfinished than to randomly get sick of the project and then promise to “get back to it one day”.

What was the idea I had this time?  Port a small game to Playdate.  So, I asked on Twitter what would people like to see and @MonstersGo suggested a PICO-8 game called “Upward” made by Matthias Falk (@heymatthias_) which looked like a perfect small game for the Playdate.  I talked with Matthias and he was totally cool with porting this game to Playdate. 

Another thing I’d like to improve on is my writing. I _hate_ writing! But it’s a skill I feel I need to improve on since I want to be able to articulate my decisions precisely. But, more importantly, I believe it helps me catch bad decisions as I try to write them down. If I can’t really justify a decision on paper, it’s either a bad idea, or an idea that needs more research! I have to give credit to Abner Coimbre for asking where everyone can follow my progress. I feel without that question, I may have not made the devlog as part of my rules As such, I am also planning on keeping a devlog for this project. 

So here are the aforementioned rules for this project:

  • I have until Jan 8 11:59p ET to finish this project. However, if I feel I’m close to finishing it or “in the flow”, I will extend the deadline. 
  • I will write at least one devlog post a week about what I did and the decisions I made (this blog post counts as week 1). 

Unless there are extenuating personal circumstances, if I break any of these 2 rules, I will end this project. That would be profoundly disappointing! So, I’ll try my hardest not to do that. 

Also, here are also some things about this project you might want to know:

  • After discussion with Matthias, I will release this port for free and open source the project with a non-commercial license. 
  • Will write this port in Zig (yes I know it’d make more sense in Lua, but I always like have fine grain control of my memory management).

I’m also gonna try to stream on https://twitch.tv/danbokser when I can.

If you have any feedback about this project or my rules, please let me know! And with that I’m going to get started!  


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